How a child develops plays a key role in his or her future.

During a child’s development life, games and activities play such a vital role. Children learn a lot by playing several different games. Some are just for fun while others may help the children grow and attain knowledge. Educational toys can help them develop solving skills and teach them about conflict resolution.  It also teaches the children about sharing and develop their fine motor skills.

It is always a good idea for parents to be involved in their child’s life and have playtime with their children.  Being involved in your child’s mind and life is very beneficial.

According to the researches, learning via playing is a crucial point of the child development process. Children enjoy playing with their toys and board games, it creates a curiosity in them to know about things and find new ways of solving their problems.

A child’s mind is like a sponge and while they observe what goes on around them, they are also processing what is happening.  Toys stimulate concentration levels and enhance attention span and memory. Cognitive development during the childhood years improves children’s’ ability to approach language and math skills in a fun way.

Early Bird Development Center promotes the growth of a child’s mind through different fun methods. We provide a curriculum where the teachers and children are involved in games and activities which define their mental status.  Children have the opportunity to choose their own choice of games and game partners to build social interaction and emotional skills. Social and emotional skills are very important to children in their early life.

“Educational toys are designed especially for kids to gain some abstract that books couldn’t provide. Educational toys provide help to children in learning different life skills like developing problem-solving skills, teaching about conflict resolutions, and how cause and effect work. It also teaches children sharing, decision-making, skill-learning, and creativity. Their imaginative power increases, children get to see the world with a different sight.” (Poonam,Sharma)