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Offering your most precious ones, sensory-rich activities, personal attention and frequent engagement.

About Us

Ensure a promising start and bright future for your child when placing them at the Early Bird Development Center. Here at the EBDC, we have created the ideal environment, and provide the necessary support to assure healthy behavioral, and social development.

Our Mission

At EBDC we aim to provide a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for children aged six weeks to 10 years. Our focus is to provide a highly engaging and stimulating atmosphere. EBDC emphasizes human interaction by building relationships through educational and physical activities. Here at EBDC, we understand how the early childhood phases are critical in order for a child to successfully develop biopsychosocially through the stages of life. Our overarching mission is to create intelligent, creative, and more social and emotionally capable children.

Our goals are multifaceted. For the present, our goal is to provide the sense of comfort, security, and confidence for parents choosing EBDC as their center for child development. We understand the environment that children grow up in has a major impact on their developing brains. In a world saturated by television entertainment, EBDC’s goals are to provide an atmosphere with sensory-rich activities, personal attention and frequent engagement.

The Owners

After graduating with a Masters degree in clinical social work, Elias Rahman decided to reopen Sheila Rahman’s family day home. With his clinical background, Elias had a new way of looking at child care provision which emphasizes relationship building through active engagement. Sheila has 40 years of experience being a mother and 20 years of experience operating a family day home. Much of Elias’s experience consists of psychotherapeutic/counseling methods for a variety of populations. Elias is directing his focus to the early childhood stages of life and promises to provide excellent child care which will foster healthy development.

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Mon-Friday: 7:00am – 6:00pm